Our Story Behind Striping

When I first got interested in lawn care, it wasn’t just the smell of the fresh cut grass or a lawn that no longer showed its shag. I guess being a visual person, it’s how the finished lawn looked and specifically stood out that got me excited when finishing up a property. Before starting CK Lawn & Landscaping, llc in 2011, I would always notice how the professional maintenance crews at baseball stadiums and golf courses would decoratively stripe their turf with visual effects that caught my eyes and enhanced natures already natural beauty. The edges between the turf and the infield dirt or greenside bunkers cut with such sharp defined precision. Personally, professionally maintaining lawns the last 10 years is not just “cutting the grass”. It’s an art form done with tools such as, professional mowers, trimmers and of course our striping kits that are attached to our mowers. It’ the pride we carry to each and every lawn we maintain.
So, when you pull into your drive after a long days work, smell the freshly cut lawn, see your professionally edged drive and decorative stripes that stand out from the rest of your neighbors, that’s the CK Lawn feeling, a feeling we like to call “lifescaping”.


Matt Kinnett – Owner