Spring Clean Up: A spring clean up is necessary to remove the debris from the winter months that falls from trees and enters your lawn via the wind!  As Mother Nature goes from season to season it is important to give your lawn every chance to beat the heat of the up coming summer months here in Kentuckiana.  When CK Lawn & Landscaping, LLC performs a spring clean up, we meticulously comb your property in preparation of the growing season.  By removing all unwanted materials that have accumulated throughout the winter months, we can give your winter-weathered lawn and landscaping a fresh look.  In addition to on-going lawn care maintenance, below are services that your lawn will require.

Weekly Residential Lawn Maintenance:  Keep your lawn looking great with weekly mowing (featuring high profile striping). In conjunction with each mowing, trimming is performed around all buildings, structures and other obstacles within the lawn. Trash and lawn debris are removed prior to each mowing; grass clippings are blown off the drive and walks.  Our blades are always sharp to ensure your grass stays healthy and lush. Weekly mowing yields the best results and is perfect for those people who want their lawn looking it’s best all the time.   The finished product is a beautiful, evenly cut lawn that is mowed as if it were ours personally.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance: Commercial maintenance is available with the same great care of residential properties.  Depending on your needs, a variety of services are available to fit any budget.  Please contact us for a quote.

Mulch and Rock:   This may include removal of old mulch, installation of new mulch or rock. A high quality mulch will be delivered and installed in your landscape beds. Several different mulches and rock are available based on your needs to accent your current landscaping.

Leaf and Lawn Debris Cleanup:  Leaves left in a layer on your lawn can get matted down over the turf and smother it all winter long.  Raking or mulch mowing them in the spring helps avoid dead patches.  Mulching leaves also put nutrients back into your lawn that will help give it a boost in the spring.  Cleaning up the leaves in the plant beds will help the plants get off to a good start.

Landscape Pruning and Clean Out:  Hand weeding and debris removal will be done in the planting beds throughout the season. We will spade edge beds once during the summer and trim and prune hedges, bushes and small trees (under 10ft) in the Spring and Fall. The beds will be kept clean, trimmed and looking nice throughout the season.

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