Winter Tips For Around Your Home

  1. Be Mindful of Walking on a Frosty Lawn – It’s not always easy to keep pets and little kids’ feet off the turf during hard freezes and especially after a snow, but it is best to stay off if at all possible.  Frozen blades of grass are susceptible to breakage when walked on or driven over, resulting in damage to the turf that might not be repairable until spring.
  2. Which Ice Melting Product is Best – A clean drive and walkway is a safe drive and walkway and ice melting products help keep them safe.  However, some ice melting products that contain sodium found in rock salt and other products can damage nearby turf.  Consider calcium chloride or a magnesium mix to melt the ice from drives and walkways near plants and grass.
  3. Pet Safety – While not necessary lawn related, keeping your outdoor fury friends safe during these cold winter months is important.  Always make sure your pet has plenty of warm shelter from the elements.  Food and hydration is also vital and their bowls need to remain filled.  Keep anti-freeze and other harmful chemicals put away and out of reach of animals.  No animal should suffer this time of year, keep a watchful eye for other nearby outdoor pets that may be in distress and don’t hesitate to respectfully share your concerns.  I look forward to seeing your pets again this spring!
  4. Leaf Removal & Tree Trimming – Broken branches from this past winters ice storms have been in abundance.  It’s not only unhealthy for the tree, but dangerous as these limbs could continue to fall during the spring winds on homes, power lines, pets or humans.  At worst, they fall onto our lawns and burrow in, preventing new spring grass sprouts.  Leaf removal is important for the same reason.  Too many leaves during the wet winter months matte on the ground and settle into the turf.  Lawn clean up is one of the best things you can do for your lawn before the growing season begins.
  5. Don’t Do It All Yourself – For all of your needs around your home, every season of the year, let CK Lawn & Landscaping, llc help.  It’s not always easy or timely for homeowners to maintain everything needed around the home.  Call today to schedule your pre spring clean up so that your lawn is ready to look it’s best come growing season.